Fiber Optic Splicing

17-28 Iunie 2024

ANC accredited FIBER OPTIC SPLICING course, COR code 742215.
The course is for beginners on optical fibers.
Before registering, please ask for information on WhatsApp or phone +40744390039
Course description / Skills:
1. THEORY - Optical fibers general/Field of use/Principle of optical fiber transmission/What is light/Optical transmission length/Reflection and refraction of light/Fiber function and structure/Refractive index/Types of optical fibers/Attenuation/ Dispersion/Chromatic dispersion /Connectors/Fiber optic cables/Splicing boxes/Terminal boxes/Color code.
2. PRACTICE - Fiber optic splicing.
3. PRACTICE - Preparation of optical fiber cables and making optical fiber splicing in splicing boxes and terminal boxes.
Diplomas obtained after the graduation exam:
1. Diploma issued by ANC in the profession of OPTICAL FIBER JONCLER with the descriptive appendix of the skills from the fiber optic splicing chapter of the occupational standard.
2. Diploma in electronic format issued by the Romanian Fiber Optic Academy that can be validated for 3 years on the academy's website.
Documents required for registration:
1. The last document of studies certifying the completion of at least 10 classes (diploma, certificate).
2. Certificate from the family doctor that you can distinguish colors and you are not prohibited from working at height.
3. Identity card.
4. Birth certificate.

Course details

  • ANC Certified
  • Price: 4500 lei
  • Period: 17-28 Iunie 2024
  • Duration: 80 hours
  • Location: localitatea Fundatura str. Principala, nr. 9, jud. Cluj
  • Level: începător
  • Participants: 10

More details:

0744 39 00 39